Women feel the need to have a look surprising, intense but at the same time natural. This is achieved thanks to the beautiful long lashes and curl. But unfortunately not all are lucky enough to have them just so, so the easiest and fastest way is to apply false eyelashes. The first step is to choose the kind we want, because now there are all kinds from the most dense, with longer, presenting the most extravagant feathers and diamonds or just a bunch of those. Choosing those that best suit our personality not only solve the problem of perfect eyelashes, but we will also have a ✫star✫ look.... because you know no one is born perfect, not even their =)

If you consider the most simple application, surely it is better to apply a full lash of an eye.
On the other hand, if you want more natural effects, the best outcome is guaranteed, having a little 'more patience, the application of individual lashes. Applications starting is easier and faster than you think. Here are some tips to apply them to the fullest.
First of all, put a line of eyeliner in the entire lash line and spread it well, this will help to hide your lash line so that you will not see the application.
Then, with clean hands, put a little 'glue on false eyelashes strscia applicator or in the case of an eye in tufts on the bunch. To apply the glue directly using the applicator or put some glue on a piece of aluminum foil and gently go over the lashes.
Give it about ten seconds per set.
For individual lashes, hold the individual false eyelashes with your fingers in a position which is as close as possible to the line of the other existing lashes and hold it securely in the position you have to push down. Try to make the first corner of his eye and then head towards the center. Often it only takes a few sprigs (or two per eye) if you want a natural look!
it is always advisable to have already completed the make-up eyes before starting the application and then perform only the finishing touches, but if you put make-up in a light make-up can also be done later.

Now talk about the real dilemma of false eyelashes: the removal and maintenance.
First ever proceed with removal by pulling the lashes.
The likelihood, of course, would be to tear your real eyelashes!
So, be gentle in removing these fake, thinking to handle the real lash.
Start the removal of false eyelashes by dabbing with a cotton pad to your eye.
Gently apply the pad to the base, in order to loosen the glue eyelashes.
Do so from the outside edge inward.
It is possible to remove, use some detergent to the eyes, as an alternative.
Ideally, you should also leave the affected part of the eye to soak for a few seconds to soften the glue.
After you've ensured that you are completely softened, take a corner full of whip lashes applied and gently pull out the eye.
For individual false eyelashes, it is better to use a good pair of tweezers for greater accuracy.
Remove all traces of glue on the lashes blotting further.
Finally remove make up as normally do.

Alternatives on how to remove fake eyelashes may be to loosen the adhesive glue used soap and water, then perfectly effective to remove the eyelashes or wet the area with olive oil or coconut oil.
In addition, false eyelashes can also be used to reuse, provided that they are kept clean at all times.
Indeed be re-used if you do not want to spend money!
So, after removing them carefully, dip them in a small amount of hot water and soap to remove the glue and any dust particles, this is for those individuals that for the whole whip lashes applied.
You can also use tweezers to remove particles and glue for general cleaning between the lashes you can use a brush.

And now you know every trick....What's your favorite eyelashes?

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